Your Network Security

Your Network Security

When you leave your home, you would never think to walk out and leave the door wide open behind you. Would you? At the very least you would lock the front door but most of us also:

  • Close and lock any open windows and patio doors
  • Lower the blinds and close the curtains to stop outsiders taking a peek inside
  • Make sure the stove, oven, iron, TV and any other electric devices are turned off
  • Turn on the house alarm

You should think about your “Corporate Network Security” in the same way. Why leave it wide open for outsiders to peek in, walk in and steal your corporate and employee information. Even worse in some case, they can also introduce viruses and malware to damage your systems. This will obviously result in financial and potential loss of revenues as well as breach of trust with your clients if any of their information with your company was also compromised.

Network security is more than just password protecting your devices but it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either. You just need to have properly implemented security measures suited to protect you and your business. Recovering from a “Data Breach” costs a lot compare to taking a pro-active approach and keeping out unauthorized access to your corporate network.

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