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NeXR©-30UG4​ (1U-1Node-Dual Socket)

Our NeXR©-30UG4 is a compact 1U dual socket storage server which offers decreased downtime, ultra-dense storage and software-design capacity in a compact chassis. It provides the best all-in-one storage solution for all your storage requirements. This model is ideal for deployments of warm and cold storage and the software defined workloads, such as Hadoop, Ceph, VMware vSan and Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), with relevant reduction in CAPex and OPex.

NeXR©-900KG3​ (2U-4Nodes-Dual Socket Per Node)

Our NeXR©-900KG3 server is designed for “High Performance Computing (HPC)” environment and is an Intel® Grantley platform system in a 2U chassis. Designed with 4 computer nodes and up to 8 CPUs (144 Cores in total), it features a high capacity and non-compromising performance. NeXR©-900KG3 enables complex computing jobs such as Hadoop and virtualization solutions to run seamlessly which makes it ideal for datacenters, animation studios and virtualization projects.

NeXR©-50UG3​ (2U-2Nodes-Dual Socket Per Node)

Our NeXR©-50UG3 is a 2U storage server with two clustered compute nodes, enabling transparent failover between the two nodes. This Cluster-in-a-Box (CiB) storage system offers high reliability and density, an ideal candidate for:
• Storage servers for “Microsoft Storage Spaces”
• “CiB Solutions” with Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).

NeXR©-800KG3 (2U-1Node-Dual Socket)

Our NeXR©-800KG3 enterprise server contains features with high level reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) in a 2U enclosure. Standard features with this model include redundant power supplies, system fans, high performance dual-port 1GbE adapters plus a “high performance motherboard” that supports eighty lanes of PCIE Gen3.

NeXR©-90UG3 (4U-2Nodes-Dual Socket Per Node)

Our NeXR©-90UG3 model is a 4U ultra dense enterprise storage server, supporting up to seventy 3.5” LFF hard drives and two server nodes. It is designed to house the dual socket Intel® Xeon® E5 v3/v4 processor family. The NeXR©-90UG3 features 12G SAS interface and dual domain, allowing for 2 different HDD control configurations:

1. Single node accessing all 70 drives for best price per drive when used as a cold storage
2. Two nodes accessing all 70 drives for environments requiring “Failover” and “High Availability”.

The NeXR©-90UG3 offers excellent capabilities in fulfilling the ever increasing market storage demands such as cold storage, hot storage, software defined storage and also virtualization solutions.